Friday, September 26, 2008


i was trying to keep count and probably forgot to keep counting around the 60's but im guessing the "FUNDAMENTAL", and all conjugations of this word, was well over
am i right!?



guys lisp pretty much drove me as crazy as


guys continuous throat clearing

=insert witty intelligent comments and opinions here=

what i got from this debate was that those guys suck. both of them. i dont really agree with or feel comfortable with either of their veiws for the future of america and most importantly (to me) ME.

while i am probably rather ignorant to the actual issues, i do consider myself a good representation of the masses.
most people out there are morons and i am NOT putting my political intelligence before theirs.
so, what im getting at, is that if my buddy Obama didnt completely sell ME, than good luck with the rest of them dood.
if you know me, you know where my vote is going. but, at this point its just the guy i think is cuter.

over and out suckers,
yours truly,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

nevermind, im ok with me after all

whats tuesday got to do with it

so, yesterday i guess i got some sort of (fun) hair up my butt and decided to have a good day. and it worked. i got to dress up in corpse paint and go to rally's (you gotta eat). i went to a chinese buffet with my friends, that was awesome. i, uh....whatelse did i do? oh, right i got to drink fancy beers with some best friends. i got my bmx bike home. i played with a dog. i watched part of transformers. i ate a party pizza. and i got some awesome sleep.
wow, all in all such a good day.

so today when i woke up i felt like shit. a little depressed and not looking forward to going to work. see, fun must be a very sensitive ballanced thing. a thing where you must even it out through out your days or else you might end up using your weeks quota in one day, a monday. so, i guess ill go walk the dog and then try to ride my bike. oh, right i only have like 2 weeks now before we ride to chicago again. fine, you know, i did it before. but this time its like i made a bet with someone to see how out of shape and fat i could get in the last month or something, and im winning (or loosing) i dunno.
anyway, if you see me eating ANYTHING hit it out of my hand and tell me to go do some push ups or something. chances are ill get quite angry with you (as most food adicts do when they're told not to eat) but do it anyway.

guess ill show you some shit now.

this came from
thanks h.l.d.

i hope you can handle this one. its pretty fucking weird and REALLY fucking geh

and for the kids

Monday, September 22, 2008


things i like today:

oh, and also this


ok, see you later doods.

Friday, September 19, 2008

so, ya its my birthday party!!!

when: nowish (9-??)
why: cause im 26
how: like this

gonna rock.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

official RETARDO314 post 69

on that note, i had a sex dream about a friend and i woke up and felt EXTREMLY weird! so here:

also, all the seritonin in my body has been eaten up by hops and barley and fermented potato products. my decision making skills are at an all time low and i'll be a year older in 3 days. hurray! im so done with this.
so... i gotta go

lov ya (or whatever),

Sunday, September 14, 2008

i guess this is just a kind a racisim im not used to

a room full of podunk cowboys and cowgals laughing at the self deprecating indian. weird.

the rain last night/morning was like a dream

a scary awesome dream. living on the third floor of a 100yo (or so) building is pretty scary in an amazing wind/rain storm. i gotta say, i thought some of my windows were going to break in and my bed was moving because im pretty sure the whole floor was moving. yikes! and totally awesome!
anyway this is what it makes me think of:

god, this was a long fucking day (of blogging)

so, when i got tired of hanging out here at, i decided to see what was happenin' on my page.

so, here's what a little bordom and a lot of time on one girls hands will produce. have a blast.

and, i supose i should appoligise now.

that girl you see drunk sometimes,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

i got to go back to sleep

so, like almost always when im sleeping im dreaming that im getting the things i need to do done. you know, like chores, errands, obligations, whatever. so i wake up and i feel awesome that i got all this shit done. then i realize that im actually only a productive person when im dreaming. so i either go back to sleep where everything is positive and awesome or make my way to the internet to waste like, i dunno, 3-5 hours till some one calls me and tells me what to do.

ive been up since 7:30 and this is what ive done.

note the knife, the gun, the measuring tape, and the (what i assume to be) scented candle.

dont do it.

when your drunk and you think you might call your friend and tell them that you love them "WAY TOO MUCH". dont do it cause then your a douche bag when they say, "oh, ok...uh, well ill call you tomorrow and we'll 'talk' about it".

= Photobucket

Friday, September 12, 2008


sorry america and the angels looking over all of our distruction.

my bad.

i know. its been a while.

well, the thing is for the longest time i didnt have a chair infront of my computer so i didnt feel like blogging standing up. i have since gotten a stool and its not comfortable but it'll do.
hmmm....whats been up?
well shit i dunno. last week i got to see motorhead and vampire weekend. somehow i got way more drunk at the hipster sweater band show than i did rocking out to well, rock.
so drunk i took my shirt off in front of cb's and ate pizza off the ground.
at motorhead i took a cab with strangers to the trade after the pagent and then...well ask someone else cause thats how i find out what i do.
in the last month i was reminded how awesome my friends are and how lucky i am to have them.
oh, ya. there was a rave too. bridget was there and it was awesome.
whatever, by butt is numb.