Friday, September 26, 2008


i was trying to keep count and probably forgot to keep counting around the 60's but im guessing the "FUNDAMENTAL", and all conjugations of this word, was well over
am i right!?



guys lisp pretty much drove me as crazy as


guys continuous throat clearing

=insert witty intelligent comments and opinions here=

what i got from this debate was that those guys suck. both of them. i dont really agree with or feel comfortable with either of their veiws for the future of america and most importantly (to me) ME.

while i am probably rather ignorant to the actual issues, i do consider myself a good representation of the masses.
most people out there are morons and i am NOT putting my political intelligence before theirs.
so, what im getting at, is that if my buddy Obama didnt completely sell ME, than good luck with the rest of them dood.
if you know me, you know where my vote is going. but, at this point its just the guy i think is cuter.

over and out suckers,
yours truly,


Peter said...

you're right. but I think tonights' mess was dumbed down as a tactical/media hoohaa. a media event that means nothing for people that can actually think.

oh crap. I'm starting to sound like an elitist.
well, here's, I think the target audience of tonights' poo-fest.

Matthew Frederick said...

but, at this point its just the guy i think is cuter.

you're voting for mccain?

roseblablabland said...

duh. are you mental or something?

roseblablabland said...

im totally in to that "old guy that looks like he could be my grandpa/old dad mixed with the cript keeper and satan" look. i thought you knew me. geez mat.