Friday, September 12, 2008

i know. its been a while.

well, the thing is for the longest time i didnt have a chair infront of my computer so i didnt feel like blogging standing up. i have since gotten a stool and its not comfortable but it'll do.
hmmm....whats been up?
well shit i dunno. last week i got to see motorhead and vampire weekend. somehow i got way more drunk at the hipster sweater band show than i did rocking out to well, rock.
so drunk i took my shirt off in front of cb's and ate pizza off the ground.
at motorhead i took a cab with strangers to the trade after the pagent and then...well ask someone else cause thats how i find out what i do.
in the last month i was reminded how awesome my friends are and how lucky i am to have them.
oh, ya. there was a rave too. bridget was there and it was awesome.
whatever, by butt is numb.

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