Friday, May 30, 2008

i havnt felt like writing much theses last few years...

the state of my concentration and health has gone down a considerable amount since i introduced red bull into my life again. the energy drink mixed with alcohol gives me the amazing ability to stay drunk AND function at the same time. DANGEROUS. i think ill have to quit.

here's something:

i love you. i hate you. i need you. i want you. to go away.

im not sure if i love you anymore. i dont really know if i feel anything.

ah, fuck it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

this one time there was a time

where i rote a blog and it when a little something like this:
blog blog blog blob blog

so i didnt feel like writing anything. sorry.
see you later.

Monday, May 26, 2008

hey, its that day that i should be q'n it up and gettin my drink on

instead, im on my way to work. hip hip horgay!!!
oh well, such is life i suppose. the only thing that could make this ok, is if my mother fucking stimulation pennies come in the mail tomorrow. i doubt it though.
ok, well thats me for noow.

i think i went from a Ccup to a Dcup.
i guess that means ill be getting more stuff for free now. i hope they are new free bras.

later doods,





Friday, May 23, 2008

good morning/afternoon. i love you



on some days.

on another note, i got my printer/scanner/photo copier/photo printer in the mail yesterday. now i can make photo copies of my but and boobs without freaking people out at kinkos. YES!

life is truely a good thing today. and later, DEVATCHKA and boys.


this is how much chris (how ever you spell his last name, something polish) and i love eachother



wow. thats fucking love right there.
thank you
and GOOD night.

i love you too.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


pronounced "net sAv". a term generally used in regards to those of internet savviness.

not me.

me, these days. god damn these days. i love you.

another day, another fucking...oh wait, nothing.

tow giganticly awesome bands prevented me from hearing anything tonight. and . i . loved it. so so so bad. first band, hold on i gotta remember...quiet hooves. fuckin g great, wait a minute my cats at the window. steven, what are you doing out. god i love you.
anyway, i cant hear anything thanks to them. an d. the following band, dark meat. completely amazingly dance-er-ific-ly RAD. maybe, and this is streching it because i dont really know how to relate some bands to other bands, but maybe...skarekrawu (or how ever you spell it) radio + poliphonic spree (or how ever you spell it). anyhow, im in LOVEW. thats rightt. love with a double uuuuuuu. wanna make out. cause im drunk and excited about music and i don t really know what a better candidate for makin gout is. you?

well, ill say adueieieieiei then and call it a night.
H20 is better as a drink.
thank you youth
thakn you age.

nighty noght. i gotta fart on myself now.
o\\i love you more.3> damnh <3
got it

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

broken and its awesome!!!

there's nothing like waking up at 3:30 in the afternoon on someone's couch with pieces of unchewed sandwich in your mouth. to add to the rude awakening of my life ive got two fake mustaches stuck to my boobs, skinned elbows, blood on my shirt, and (i think) a broken toe. but the weather today, can you believe it! beautiful.
anyway, i do remember rrrrasling with my roommate on carpet (that would explain the elbow thing). oh, and just remembered i tipped over on my bike (that could be the toe and this other abrasion i just found on my ankle). the blood is questionable and the mustaches are just funny.
last night was one to remember, or not.
at least there's proof on my body (if not in my mind) that i had an AWESOME time.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

why cant i stop masturbating?

i wake up in the morning and all i want to do is shit my pants, hauk loogies for an hour or so, and fuck.  
as i am a resorsfull person, i get all these done myself (usually). 
i get in the shower, turn that shit on hot hot hot, and start my day. 
caugh. caugh. hack. spit. push. feel the hot liquid shit run down my legs and mix with the phlem at the bottom of the bathtub. caugh some more. oh, this time blood with the green/yellow/brown chunks that come from inside me.
if im really lucky ive started my period and with my next full body, abdomin wrenching hack fest, i can just push it all out. 
chunks from my lungs, piss, crotch blood, and runny poo. this is my shower experience.
oh, then i brush my teeth and shave my legs so guys will think im hot.