Thursday, May 22, 2008

another day, another fucking...oh wait, nothing.

tow giganticly awesome bands prevented me from hearing anything tonight. and . i . loved it. so so so bad. first band, hold on i gotta remember...quiet hooves. fuckin g great, wait a minute my cats at the window. steven, what are you doing out. god i love you.
anyway, i cant hear anything thanks to them. an d. the following band, dark meat. completely amazingly dance-er-ific-ly RAD. maybe, and this is streching it because i dont really know how to relate some bands to other bands, but maybe...skarekrawu (or how ever you spell it) radio + poliphonic spree (or how ever you spell it). anyhow, im in LOVEW. thats rightt. love with a double uuuuuuu. wanna make out. cause im drunk and excited about music and i don t really know what a better candidate for makin gout is. you?

well, ill say adueieieieiei then and call it a night.
H20 is better as a drink.
thank you youth
thakn you age.

nighty noght. i gotta fart on myself now.
o\\i love you more.3> damnh <3
got it

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