Tuesday, May 20, 2008

broken and its awesome!!!

there's nothing like waking up at 3:30 in the afternoon on someone's couch with pieces of unchewed sandwich in your mouth. to add to the rude awakening of my life ive got two fake mustaches stuck to my boobs, skinned elbows, blood on my shirt, and (i think) a broken toe. but the weather today, can you believe it! beautiful.
anyway, i do remember rrrrasling with my roommate on carpet (that would explain the elbow thing). oh, and just remembered i tipped over on my bike (that could be the toe and this other abrasion i just found on my ankle). the blood is questionable and the mustaches are just funny.
last night was one to remember, or not.
at least there's proof on my body (if not in my mind) that i had an AWESOME time.

1 comment:

Brien said...

Starving people all over the world are waking up without sandwiches in their mouths.
Or moustaches on their boobs.
Count your blessings.