Tuesday, September 23, 2008

whats tuesday got to do with it

so, yesterday i guess i got some sort of (fun) hair up my butt and decided to have a good day. and it worked. i got to dress up in corpse paint and go to rally's (you gotta eat). i went to a chinese buffet with my friends, that was awesome. i, uh....whatelse did i do? oh, right i got to drink fancy beers with some best friends. i got my bmx bike home. i played with a dog. i watched part of transformers. i ate a party pizza. and i got some awesome sleep.
wow, all in all such a good day.

so today when i woke up i felt like shit. a little depressed and not looking forward to going to work. see, fun must be a very sensitive ballanced thing. a thing where you must even it out through out your days or else you might end up using your weeks quota in one day, a monday. so, i guess ill go walk the dog and then try to ride my bike. oh, right i only have like 2 weeks now before we ride to chicago again. fine, you know, i did it before. but this time its like i made a bet with someone to see how out of shape and fat i could get in the last month or something, and im winning (or loosing) i dunno.
anyway, if you see me eating ANYTHING hit it out of my hand and tell me to go do some push ups or something. chances are ill get quite angry with you (as most food adicts do when they're told not to eat) but do it anyway.

guess ill show you some shit now.

this came from doebrain.blogspot.com
thanks h.l.d.

i hope you can handle this one. its pretty fucking weird and REALLY fucking geh

and for the kids

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