Saturday, September 13, 2008

i got to go back to sleep

so, like almost always when im sleeping im dreaming that im getting the things i need to do done. you know, like chores, errands, obligations, whatever. so i wake up and i feel awesome that i got all this shit done. then i realize that im actually only a productive person when im dreaming. so i either go back to sleep where everything is positive and awesome or make my way to the internet to waste like, i dunno, 3-5 hours till some one calls me and tells me what to do.


DoeHands said...

HA! i've had several dreams this month where i've cleaned my house, did my homework, filled out forms, taken my car in to the body shop, gotten health insurance, yeah...i hate lucid dreaming. it makes me think i got all this stuff done and then i wake up and hate my life.

roseblablabland said...

most deff