Tuesday, June 24, 2008

its been awhile sense we discussed our plans for the future

i know that we are compfortable with each other and we have this little "life" and everything and...well it just seems that everything is SO great but i gotta tell you. im bord. i love you, i always have, i always will. but i just cant take this for much more. im young, i have a life to live. i need to get out and explore. im not ready for this, ok?!
and you! you need to live a little too! you've been stuck here in this domestic thing we've made for our selves too. lets do something with out selves, without eachother.
so i guess what im saying is that we need our space. or rather i know that i need my space.
so...im leaving. right now.
im sorry. dont worry though, im sure everything will be alright.
ok, well i gotta go now.
dont do anything crazy, ok? and remember, ill always love you.


Matthew Frederick said...

Such a cute couple! I guess things weren't as nice between them as it seemed from the outside.

Maybe just a little space is all they need, and eventually they'll get back together. (It's just that they look so right together, y'know?)

roseblablabland said...

and taste SO right together.