Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i havnt forgottten you

here's a thing thats prettty entertaining. last night at work, some dood pushed me (in a jovial way that wasnt fun or funny) and i ran into some piece of metal with the most sensitive part of my knee i can think of. i mean, after like and hour, i couldnt bend it with out horrible pain. so that sucked. then later, after that awesome lightning/rain storm, i guess i had gotten my shoes wet from being outside and when i tried to walk down the stairs to the basement (with one strait knee, mind you) i slipped and slid down all the steps on my butt. the slipping wasnt really too bad it was mostly the falling. all my wait on one butt cheek all at once, not to compfertable.
so, anyway, waking up this morning has proved to be a rather sore event. oh, and the heat is pretty much preventing me from any benificial sleep anyways so.....DAMN, whats up summer.
hot and hurt. thats usually how i do this time of year.

so, i ll be around. but ill probably be drunk, sweaty, and limping.

my thoughts on most people: i dont care enough to even get very mad of truely dislike anymore. is this good. is this bad. guess what, i dont care.



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