Wednesday, June 4, 2008

isnt it funny when you get to answer the same questions all the time?!

to add to a previous post explaining some of my most recent injuries, id like to "talk" about sunday. our friend justin ripped a giant hole in his lip (probably resulting in stitches) and i hit my head really really hard. i guess i have a hidden soft spot on my head somewhere and i only find out about it like, lets say, every 6-8 months. i dont really know what happened, maybe a door maybe i just fell on my head, but it hurts (along with many other parts of my body).
so thats that. lets see....
oh, so on monday a schizophrenic man decided to come up to work to sing keriokee. he chose "all you need is love" by the beatles, presumably. this man just belted random words in a relatively recognizable tune. at first, i was horrified. then pretty damn entertained. only after his second attempt at the mike was he "politely" asked to leave the place and return himself to crazy town.
then comes rita. rita looks like a balding retarded mildly female version of meat loaf. and that bitch is awesome. a friend and coworker of mine mentioned that he had been seeing rita at random keriokee joints for, going on, 5 years. fucking rad.
i sang "love is a battle field" to her, it was great.
um, pete s. left. i was to lazy and in bed to say goodbye. but i figured that's what he would want from me (or at least expect, anyways).
well, not much else going on in this head right now.
guess ill go to bed.

no bombs tonight, are you proud of me?

oh wait, thats i lie, i had one before dinner.

piece out. iloveyou.

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Brien said...

I might know this Rita. This will sound like a joke but it isn't: the Rita I know who matches that description bears the surname of "Large." As in, "Rita Large."
Which sounds like a joke because she could be described as "large." I know how she feels - my last name used to be "Bitchin" but I changed it.