Tuesday, June 24, 2008

last night's dream

so, i dont think i can put this in any chronolgical order but here it is.

im in this dream and i realize that im pregnant. im out partying or something when i "get the news" and i feel bad but i keep doin' what im doin'. im on a peer or something close to water, looking out contemplating things when someone comes up to me and starts critsizing me for drinking when i know that im preggers. i try to defend myself by telling the person that i just found out earlier that night but he wouldn't lay off.
so, now, im away from all this in a market or something. i have (for some reason) scored some herroine. it looks like crystal bath salt things and im kinda reluctant to snort them. im with a friend and let them have the first try. said friend gets really fucked up. then enters my ex-fake dad, kevin. he's looking around at me and my friend suspiciously (oh, i should mention that by this time i am really pregnant, like big) to see what we're up to. friend is kinda wobbling around wasted and i look down at the "stuff" and see that its blown away or something. im actually pretty relieved and i think it pretty much ends after that.
weird huh?

well, thats that.


DoeHands said...

woah man I had a weird dream last night too, I totally didn't remember it till i read yours even though i made a point to remember it this morning. I hate fake weird confusing drugs in dreams. see you thursday night.

Jenny Ruckus said...

ever have those dreams that you actually have the baby and its some crazy lookin half parrot, half alien thing?