Friday, August 8, 2008

wow, i must have been really drunk

i am absolutly insainly completely sory about my last post. although i do love that song i cant believe that i picked that version to share with the "world". its really really aweful. and perhaps it seemed that i did that on perpose or something ironic or whatever, i can asure you i did not mean to. in fact i was just cheking the blog to see if anyone was looking at it and thought maybe someone had played a trick on me. i dont think i ever gave my passwords out so im guessing i did one of those drunk internet things that you just feel stupid about later. so again, not on purpose and im sorry.


Matthew Frederick said...

Somewhere, Luciano Pavarotti sheds a tear.

kristy said...

Better. That movie is tragic but cool. That poor dude spends the whole next half hour detoxing in his bedroom I think. I used to listen repeatedly to the soundtrack on cassette in my beat up Jetta c. 1997. Lust for Life, superb.

åaron said...

wow! rose, your blog rox! WAAAY funny shit! Is it me or does Lou Reed look embalmed?