Friday, October 10, 2008

how i unsuccesfully flirted with an attractive man of my age group tonight. or didnt.

he was very good looking and witty. i was weird and laughed at the wrong things. i was at work and my co.worker said he was flirting with me. i felt a flush coming on so i walked to the other side of the bar to think of something intelegent/entertaining to say. by the time i'd thought of whatever that was, i turned the corner to find that he'd left.
his name was pizza, he was mexican/cherokee princess, and...i loved him for just that little bit of time.
ill never see him again and for that reason i am totally satisfied.


Peter said...

sounds like he was sent from the heavens. I mean with a name like Pizza... & a mexican/cherokee princess!

Matthew Frederick said...

Calzone will be jealous when he reads this.

Peter said...

With garlic cheese bread as a wingman, calzone never had a chance.

roseblablabland said...

i am so fucking hungry