Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008! what next?

its a new year. a new era. a new time for me to forget about.
things are wonderfull. things are unbelievably great. things are...things, after all.
i hear we've only got ,what, like four more years till' the apocalypse? well, i guess its time to live it up. i mean, four years is only 96 or so months. lets do this shit.
so, lately ive been having trouble getting upset about things. i mean, once you realize that nothing REALLY matters and everything is going to be pretty much the same no matter what, its hard to really care about any thing enough to get that worked up.
i am truely amazed. this is a life changing event in my life. scratch that, it doesnt matter enough to be "life changing", i am just reallly glad i came to this realization. thank you life. thank you assholes. thank you the internet. thank you rose. 

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