Friday, November 2, 2007

dont/do smoke weed and do anything

so i had to walk (yes, walk) like 1/2 a mile or something today. this may not seem like a big deal but i ride bikes so, i hate walking. it takes to long and its borring. i thought, this morning before i went for my walk, that if i smoked weed it would make it more interesting. so i rolled one up and got to stepping. i was taking a bike to the shop, by the way. as i was walking, though, i started to realize things happening in certain sequences. a woman walked by with a dog, as i was about to say hi (or some other way of acknowledging her presence) her cell phone rings. then, i take a few more steps and there is a slight breeze in the trees above, a creepy breeze, a horror movie breeze. more steps, a dog barks. a little further and im looking up at a scary looking house with one window open and ivy growing all over it, dry leaves flying all around it and everything. a car drives by really fast and i drop my bike. this is when i decided smoking weed after watching scary movies for a week or so, and taking a walk wasnt a great idea. a couple of blocks later i had forgotten all about it though. 

by the time i was half way there i had come to the conclusion that the joint walk was the best thing ever. the neighborhood i was walking through was all of a sudden gorgeous. the trees were a number of amazing colors, there were no people running around yelling at eachother, there were even recycling bins on the sidewalks. beautiful.
drugs, huh?
or maybe its just fall and im loosing it.
anythings possible, i guess.

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