Wednesday, October 31, 2007

just another dumb girl

well, peter pointed out to me that i am a 25 year hypochondriac cat lady wino. its the truth. i went to the emergency room this morning because i wan convinced that i was having kidney failure or had broken my back or something. turnes out, there was nothing wrong with me.  i was in alot of pain though and couldnt stop crying so they did give me an iv with some pain killer i cant remember the name of now. and the cat lady part, i just had 6 kittens one week ago today and i love every last one of them to death. i literally start crying when i think of them. oh and the wino thing, well, i do like a bottle of wine every now and then. so, this is me now. what will i have when i actually am old. god, life is dissapointing no matter what, huh?